asdasdasdasdasdasdBorn in December 1982, Slavy has his first contacts with the music in his early
childhood, learning to play guitar and mandolin. Raised in a family of a DJ, he has
access to professional disco equipment. As a teenager Slavy is inspired by his father
and his first time standing behind the club music desk was in the far 1999, acting as
a support of live performances orchestra. A short time passes and his orientation
turns to the modern club rhythms for the time. Slavy goes through exceptionally
many music styles, such as Pop, Rock, Disco, Hip-Hop and R&B, to find his own
style – namely the increasingly gaining popularity modern electronic sound in the
waves of Drum & Bass, Chaos and Techno. The time, his extensive experience, his
contact with the great number of various music styles leave their imprint on his
choice today, which Slavy makes and presents during his sets. One can always
expect the unexpected from him. He often surprises his audience, mixing different
rhythms and sounds, encompassing the multi-variety of the modern electronic music
styles, in combination with deep and thick low frequencies. Slavy never limits himself
in the selection of music. He is old school, and never betrays it. Up to this day Slavy’s
setup always includes two or three record players and a mixer. He stakes on the
quality sound, as during the years he has collected more than 1000 vinyl records,
and he with no worries combines the old music with the new sounds. For him the
good music is ageless. Slavy has performed at many festivals, both in Bulgaria and
throughout Europe, and he is a long time resident of one of the auspicious clubs in
his home city for Hip-Hop and electronic music, with many performances everywhere
in Bulgaria. Today he is a co-founder of a music label, promoter and organizer of
events, supporting young and talented artists from all over the country, who succeed
to produce, promote and make popular their music worldwide.